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The Wyvern Massacre was a massacre of gargoyles at the hands of a band of Viking marauders led by Hakon.


In 995 A.D., the gargoyle who would be known as Demona and the Captain of the Guard betrayed Castle Wyvern to Hakon and his Viking marauders in order to improve the lives of the Wyvern Clan and punish the humans who treated them so cruelly. Hakon and his men attacked the castle during the day, when the gargoyles slept, and with the help of the Captain of the Guard, managed to overtake the castle's defenses.

Hakon, in a fit of paranoia, had his men destroy all the sleeping gargoyles. When Goliath and his mentor returned to find that all but a trio of gargoyles and a single gargoyle beast had been destroyed as they slept, they sought out the Vikings to exact their revenge.

Demona fled the scene of the massacre, hoping to return to the sacked castle and claim she had been searching for Goliath when she was caught by surprise by dawn. Unfortunately, when she returned, the surviving six gargoyles were cursed to sleep until the castle rose above the clouds.

One thousand years later, Demona and David Xanatos used a combination of science and sorcery to revive one gargoyle.

Known Victims

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