The Trio is a nickname for Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington collectively. The three gargoyles are very close, but since they awoke from the Magus' spell in 1994, they have slowly been growing apart.


In 994, the Trio was playing with a blue gargoyle beast, and attracted the attention of a young peasant refugee named Tom. Tom came over to chat with the gargoyles, but his mother thought the young gargoyles meant to harm her son. She threw a stick at the gargoyles, evoking the wrath of the clan's second in command; the young gargoyles, however, decided to scare the peasants by acting like the monsters they were perceived to be. Goliath and his mentor interrupted to ease the tension, and sent the Trio and the beast to the rookery as punishment.

The following day, the clan was betrayed and massacred. The trio and the beast survived having been placed in the rookery. The survivors of the attack went to avenge their clan, and attacked the Vikings who killed their clan-mates. The Magus, distraught by the thought that his beloved Princess had been killed by Hakon cast a spell on the Trio, Goliath's mentor, and the gargoyle beast, causing them "to sleep until the castle [rose] above the clouds."

A thousand years later, the spell was broken, and the Trio went exploring Manhattan and the surrounding area, and named themselves after the places they'd seen during their exploration. During the time that Goliath was trying to decide which of the trio to make his second in command, the Trio competed for the role, which began to drive them apart. When Angela joined the Manhattan Clan from the Avalon Clan, the Trio competed for her affection, dividing them further. Angela selected Broadway to be her mate, it drove a wedge between him and Brooklyn.


Though not stated out right in the series, The Trio all hatched in 958, and were approximately thrity-six at the time of the Wyvern Massacre, which is a Gargoyles biological equivalent to eighteen. After the curse is broken in 1994, The Trio, along with Goliath, Hudson, and Bronx, all gain a further thousand years (for the purpose of simplicity these will not be counted as part of their ages). The most resent Issues of the comic take place three years later in 1997, making the trio thirty-nine, or the gargoyles biological equivalent to about nineteen. Though the trio were all born in the same year, their ages are no longer synchronized. Not since 1997, when Brooklyn come into contact with the Phoenix Gate, and spends the next forty years, from his perspective, traveling through time before returning forty seconds later, from the perspective of the witnisses, now at age seventy-nine, the Gargoyle biological equivilent to about thirty nine, forty years older than his rookery brothers, and now the same age as Goliath.

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