The Quarrymen is a group of vigilante gargoyle-hunters founded by John Castaway in 1996. It is funded, at least in part, by the Illuminati

The Quarrymen Insignia


After the Hunters revealed the existence of gargoyles to the public of Manhattan and the rest of the world, citizens were left fearful and reeling. John Castaway offered the public a way of fighting that fear by confronting the source of that fear, the gargoyles that haunt their nightmares.

Shortly before Halloween of 1996, Castaway held a meeting where he incensed the crowd by rooting the gargoyles in the center of their fears. The very next night, he and several of his men attacked Goliath and Elisa Maza in the clock tower above the 23rd Precinct. Fortunately for Goliath and Elisa, Vinnie Grigori turned coat and saved their lives.


By 2198, the Quarrymen have become an unpopular and "politically incorrect" organization. But when the Space-Spawn attack Earth, rumors begin - encouraged by the Illuminati as part of their alliance with the aliens - that the gargoyles were collaborating with the Space-Spawn and helped them abduct the human world leaders at Queen Florence Island. The Quarrymen undergo a revival, waging war upon the gargoyles once more (they don't like the Space-Spawn much, but they hate the gargoyles still more).[1]


Two Quarrymen

The Quarrymen wear black uniforms. Each also wears a hood (vaguely evocative of both the Ku Klux Klan and an executioner's hood) and carries electrically-charged hammers capable of shattering a gargoyle in his or her stone sleep, or doing damage to him or her while awake. They also carry firearms. The organization also possesses at least one helicopter for hunting airborne gargoyles as well as vans and other vehicles. Their main offices are located at the Quarryman Brownstone.

Each Quarryman also wears a distinctive badge bearing the symbol of the organisation: a stylised letter 'Q' formed from a Quarryman hammer and the greater arc of a circle around the hammer's head.

The name 'Quarryman' is particularly apt as it has something of a double meaning. Quarry could refer to their intentions to break up stone, or in this case destroy stone-like gargoyles, but quarry, meaning prey, also points to their descent from the Hunter legacy via John Castaway.

Known Members

  • John Castaway - founder
  • Banquo
  • Billy's Mom
  • Chaz
  • Fleance
  • Lou
  • Vinnie Grigori - betrayed the Quarrymen to save Goliath and Elisa Maza
  • Jackal non-canon
  • Hyena non-canon
  • Lamont non-canon
  • Garry Lee Packard non-canon
  • Curtis non-canon
  • Robert non-canon
  • hospital orderly non-canon
  • Stealth warrior non-canon
  • Demona non-canon (entered into an alliance with the quarrymen in an attempt to kill Goliath while making herself seem like a hero to Angela and the rest of the clan, was double-crossed by the Stealth warrior.)
  • Maxwell non-canon


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