Protection is the 32nd episode of Gargoyles and the 19th of season two.



Art and Lois refuses to pay protection on their restaurant to Tony Dracon and get the place blown up. Dracon's assistant, Glasses, reports that there's a crooked cop, a woman, moving in on the neighborhood. Goliath is offended at the idea of a protection racket, and both he and Bluestone have no idea where Elisa is. Elisa shows up to intervene in Matt interrogating one of Dracon's boys, Pal Joey, and have him take a message to Dracon that she's taking over his territory. Captain Chavez suspends her under suspicion that she's running a racket, and Broadway and Goliath follow.

Elisa hits another place for money and Dracon's goons show up but the gargoyles interrupt things, much to Elisa's dismay. She tells them to leave in no uncertain terms and Dracon gets word she can "control" them. She and Dracon meet while an undercover Matt and his friend, Mr. Jaffe, want to speak with the head guy, while Chavez and Morgan work undercover and turn down Dracon's protection offers. When Elisa warns Dracon the gargoyles are dangerous, Goliath and Broadway show up and play along, as Broadway has figured out Elisa's working a sting operation. One of Dracon's thugs plants a bomb at a store with Chavez and Morgan, and Broadway intervenes, managing to dispose of the bomb just in time. Matt and Jaffe confront Dracon and get him on tape demanding protection – the whole thing with Elisa turning crooked is a set-up. Dracon takes Elisa hostage but Goliath attacks and takes him into custody, and everyone else gets arrested as well.




Memorable Quotes

  • Elisa:"Hmm... I love jalepeños."
Dracon:"Heh. Keep the jar."
  • "And if you play it smart, there'll be plenty of lettuce for everyone!" - Broadway

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