Prince Malcolm is the father of Princess Katharine. He was the first lord of Castle Wyvern, and was an important ally to the Wyvern Clan.


Malcolm was the born to King Maol Chalvim I of Scotland as the youngest of Three Brothers. At that time, he and his mother, Queen Katharine, were held hostage by the usurping Indulf to ensure his hold on the Scottish throne. [1]Malcolm remained a hostage at court until 962, when he and his friend Robbie together worked out his escape, and thereby brought about Indulf's enforced abdication and the accession of Malcolm’s older brother Duff to the throne.

For the next five years, Malcolm was raised at court, being trained for his duties as a Scottish prince, and taken about Scotland to learn its ways and its peoples, including being introduced to various gargoyle clans (probably including the Scone Clan) and even catching a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster. But in 967, Duff was slain in battle against Indulf's son Culen, who then seized the throne; Malcolm and his older brother Kenneth were driven into exile at Northumberland Keep in northern England.

Malcolm & Robert

Malcom with Robert

In 971, at Robbie's advice, Prince Malcolm sought out the gargoyles[2] under the one who would come to be known as Hudson's[3] leadership at Wyvern Hill, and formed an alliance with them; in return for the clan's aid to Kenneth and Malcolm against Culen, Malcolm would protect them from danger.[2] After the defeat of Culen and Kenneth becoming King of Scotland as Kenneth II, Prince Malcolm built Castle Wyvern and made it his home, dwelling there with his people alongside the gargoyles. ("Once Upon a Time There Were Three Brothers... ")

Hudson & Malcolm 971

Malcom forms an alliance with the Wyvern Clan

Malcolm remained a loyal ally to the Wyvern Clan, although perhaps not the most intelligent one possible. He was for a long while blind to the menace of the Archmage, who, while playing the part of his chief advisor, was scheming to depose him, and also foolishly used the gargoyles as means of frightening his daughter Katharine into good behavior, thereby helping to sow the seeds of prejudice in her that would have fatal consequences in 994.[4] It is possible that he may have given names to Hudson and a handful of his warriors, though overtime only Goliath's was still used.

Prince Malcolm had married Princess Elena in a flashback to 975.[5] In 984, the Archmage made his attempt to overthrow Malcolm, failed, and was banished; however, he returned to vengefully poison the Prince with a venom-containing blow dart. Fortunately, Goliath, Hudson, and Demona managed to recover the Grimorum Arcanorum from the Archmage, and the Magus used a spell from it to cure the Prince.[4] However, Malcolm died between 984 and 994.


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