"That is when I noticed one Preston Vogel, the stiffest, and [ahem] most wooden mortal on the face of the earth."

Preston Vogel is Halcyon Renard's personal aide. The trickster Puck modeled his mortal identity, Owen Burnett, after Vogel.


In 1995, Vogel was bribed by his employer's estranged daughter, Fox, to sabotage the Cybots aboard Cyberbiotics' Fortress 2, the loss of which would put Cyberbiotics out of business. When Goliath, suspecting that Xanatos would attempt to do such a thing, was captured by the Cybots while trying to protect the fortress, Vogel put Fox's plan in motion and accused Goliath of being the one to sabotage them. Renard eventually accepted Goliath's offer to help regain control of the Fortress and while Goliath went to shut the Cybots down, Renard went to stop the Fortress from colliding with the Cyberbiotics tower. Though two men were required to do so, Vogel chose to help Renard instead of letting the Fortress be destroyed. Under Goliath's influence, Vogel confessed his betrayal to Renard shortly after.

Renard appearantly forgave Vogel and kept him in his service. Vogel later went with Renard to Prague to help perform a ritual to move Renard's consciousness out of his dying body and into a Golem. Renard eventually decided against keeping the Golem.

Renard's continued sickness meant Vogel's responsibilities were increased significantly. With Renard out of the way, Vogel hired Jackal and Hyena to put an end to constant attacks by Mayan gargoyles on Cyberbiotics' workers in the rainforests of South-America. Their failed attempts to destroy the Mayan Clan coupled with Hyena's arrest in New York drove Vogel to scrap all of Cyberbiotics' operations in the area.

Vogel accompanied Renard to appear for Renard's grandson's birth. While there, Petros Xanatos questioned Vogel as to whether he was related to Owen Burnett, which he coldly denied.

When Oberon threatened to kidnap young Alexander, Renard and Vogel attacked him with Fortress 2, but were taken down.


Vogel bears a striking resemblance to Owen Burnett in both appearance and mannerisms, in particular displaying a similar stiff and almost wooden efficiency; their chief physical difference is that Vogel is dark-haired and Owen fair-haired. The reason for this is that Puck, when creating the alias of Owen, used Vogel as his source of inspiration.


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