Ophelia is a gargoyle living on Avalon and member of the Avalon Clan.


When Hakon and the Vikings attacked, Ophelia was still an unhatched egg in the rookery at Castle Wyvern. Princess Katharine, the Magus, and Tom took the eggs to Avalon in 995 while fleeing Constantine III. She, like her rookery siblings, lived peacefully on Avalon until 1995 when the Archmage and his forces attacked.[1] Unlike most of her siblings, Ophelia fought against the invading forces, landing her in Princess Katharine's makeshift infirmary.

Tom later returned with Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx, while Ophelia was still in the infirmary with several of her siblings.[2] When Demona attacked the infirmary, Ophelia continued to defend her clan, and Demona further injured her. When the Archmage and his forced were defeated, she did recover quickly.[3]

Some time later, Lord Oberon and Queen Titania returned to reclaim Avalon, trying to evict the Avalon Clan. Oberon prepared to destroy them, but at Titania's behest, he agreed to do battle with Goliath, Angela and Gabriel at the reduced strength of one of his Children. While the heroes of Avalon fought Oberon across the isle, Ophelia helped Tom create a weapon against Oberon, using Titania's clues- an iron bell. She did not, however, feel that using it was entirely within their rights, as Avalon did belong to Oberon. Elisa convinced her, however, that when Oberon and his Children abandoned Avalon, they reliquished all rights to it.

Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel were defeated, but the remainder of the clan used the bell nearly to destroy Oberon. When Tom stopped just short of killing him, Oberon was impressed enough to make the Avalon clan his "Honor Guard of Avalon."[4]


Ophelia's most distinctive feature is her large crest and two pointed horns over her brows. She has only two toes on each foot, instead of the usual three. She also has a distinct wing structure seen on no other gargoyle in the series, and two small spikes on each forearm. Her skin is turquoise and her hair brown.


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