Mary was a peasant woman taking refuge at Castle Wyvern with her son, Tom. She attacked the Trio shortly before the massacre, in an effort to protect Tom from the "monsters."


Mary accompanied Princess Katharine and the gargoyle eggs on their quest to Avalon; however, she and Finella had to depart the group before landing on the island, because the Grimorum Arcanorum could not be brought onto the mystical island.

Constantine put the blame for Kenneth's murder and Katherine's disappearance on Finella, Mary, Tom and the Magus. In order to retrieve the Grimorum, Constantine offered a reward for them alive. When a group of villagers attempted to capture Mary and Finella to collect the reward, Finella, using the Grimorum as a prop, pretended to be a witch and threatened to summon demons. The villagers were prepared to call her bluff until a time travelling Brooklyn appeared and told the villagers to run before the rest of his clan arrived.

At the battle of Rathveramoen Brother Valmont stole the Grimorum from Mary and Finella and used it to conjure a rain of arrows made of fire, inflicting heavy casualties on both sides. Finella was able to use her knowledge of Latin to anticipate the attack and warn Mary to hide under a cart with her. After Brooklyn cut off Valmont's hand, Demona used the Grimorum to stop the arrows. When the Pheonix reappeared, Brooklyn told Demona she could use her half of the Pheonix Gate to control it, he really just wanted to distract her so he could return the Grimorum to Mary and Finella. Realizing they were not powerful enough to protect the Grimorum, Mary and Finella asked Brooklyn to take them with him on his next time jump.

A millennium later, a woman who appeared to be Mary was talking with Judge Roebling at David Xanatos' Halloween party at Castle Wyvern, atop the Eyrie Building.


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