Magic is a form of energy in the Gargoyles Universe. There are two variants of magic, fae magic and mortal magic.

Fae Magic

Fae magic is inherent to every member of the third race. Members thereof can access their magic through rhymed lines, specifying the task at hand, or, as in Oberon's case, without any words at all. It seems that this is also the case with halflings, such as Alexander Fox Xanatos. Fae magic cannot directly affect anything made of iron, as all of the Third Race are vulnerable to it.


Mortal Magic

Mortal magic requires a spell spoken, typically in an ancient language such as Latin or Hebrew, and frequently requires a conduit, such as the Grimorum Arcanorum.

This form of magic often has counterspells, but Xanatos has said he has "heard mixing magicks is dangerous," and as such, the best way to break a spell is to work within the parameters of the original spell. As such in Awakening, Xanatos was able to break the Magus' enchantment holding the Manhattan Clan in its perpetual stone sleep by raising the castle above the clouds. And, in City of Stone he used a flamable gas to seemingly set the sky on fire to break Demona's curse.

Hudson once said that one must both see and hear magic for it to be able to affect its intended recipients, as with the spell Demona cast turning the human population of Manhattan into stone at night.


Other Information

Beside fae and mortal magic, there is magic intrinsic to ghosts, but this has not been very much explored.

There´s also the rumor that the Space Spawn have their own alien magic. And it could be that the Megalith Dance was made by the Lost Race, which had maybe another form of magic.

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