Louse is the fourth issue of the Bad Guys miniseries in the series by SLG comics.


While attempting "to run away gracefully", Fang destroys two robots, one of which had pinned down his teammate, Yama. While Fang is showboating, Yama turns around and throws two shuriken toward Fang.

Five days ago, Fang is in the tunnels attacking Hunter, but she is saved by Yama's intervention. Fang takes the both of them out, and brings them to Dr. Sevarius' lair, where he introduces them to Tasha, Benny, Erin, and Thug, his newest armored mutates. Sevarius reveals he intends to mutate Hunter with Angela's DNA, and Yama with human DNA, but he is interrupted by Matrix and Dingo. The Redemption Squad cages him, and leaves to stop Fang from mutating the crowds gathered in Times Square for the New Year.

At the Square, Yama engages Fang, but Fang manages to drop the mutagen (which is on a timer to set off at midnight) toward the crowd. Matrix abandons Dingo, who is narrowly rescued by Hunter, and contains the mutagen just in time. They capture Fang and return to Sevarius' sewer lair, where they discover Sevarius has escaped and Tasha has given up hope and hung herself. Yama nearly kills Fang when he begins to make a crude joke about the situation. Thug decides to return the children to the Labyrinth.

Back on Redemption, Hunter's subordinates hear her speaking to someone she refers to as "Sir" and wonder who it is. She begins to argue with her superior, claiming that "he" wouldn't be a good fit for the team. Fang shows up to join the team.


  • There is a typo on page 14, where Hunter says "We'll come back for all of youl."
  • Benny and Erin are named for Greg Weisman's children.


Memorable Quotes

  • Yama: "You made no move to defend yourself."
Hunter: "I was... choosing my moment."
  • "Hey, how many mutants does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three to sit there and one to hang a--" -Fang

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