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Legion is the third episode of the second season of Gargoyles, and the sixteenth overall.



Coldstone is reactivated and Goliath wants him to rejoin the clan but he begins to act strange and becomes dangerous, while a computer virus threatens to kill him.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Coldstone is not made of pieces of, or contain the soul of one Gargoyle, but three, who would later be known, in production notes and scripts only, as Othello, Desdemona, and Iago.



Memorable Quotes

  • Because of the shifting nature of the Coldtrio, any quotes featuring the Coldstone body will have a secondary marker indicating which soul is in control, matching the script names:
  • Quotes set within the Coldstone inner mind will use only use the secondary marker.

  • Elisa Maza: I just hope you handle that vacuum cleaner better than you handle a squad car.
  • Matt Bluestone: How would you know? You never let me drive.

  • Goliath: It will come to you in time, brother. The important thing is, you're alive. Come. You will rejoin your clan in our new home.
  • Coldstone/Othello: I would like that very much.

  • Goliath: What's wrong brother?
  • Coldstone/Iago: Why nothing, "brother."
  • Hudson: [grabs Goliath's arm to slow him] Stay back lad. Something's not right here.
  • Goliath: It's all right. I trust you brother.
  • Coldstone/Iago: Do you? Pity. [Pulls out laser and fires at Goliath]

  • Goliath: You would betray *my* trust, brother?
  • Coldstone/Iago: You were a fool to extend it.
  • Goliath: Then you leave us no choice!

  • Brooklyn: How are we supposed to find them?
  • Broadway: [Points to a battle in the distance] Three guesses.

  • Coldstone/Desdemona: [Tortured voice] Please, I beg you, be quiet.
  • Brooklyn: Who's he talking to?
  • Goliath: Somehow he's being tortured... from within.
  • Lexington: And if we want to save him, someone's going to have to go inside to do it.

  • Lexington: This isn't a good idea. I'm best qualified to go.
  • Goliath: Which is exactly why I need you watching the equipment... In case something goes wrong.

  • Othello: My memories are clouded. Why should I trust you?
  • Desdemona: If you can't trust me, then trust your heart.

  • Iago: Why do you fight me, my love? We are destined to be together for all eternity.
  • Desdemona: I will choose who I love!

  • Matt Bluestone: We're right on top of it. Now we'll see what this creature looks like up close.
  • Elisa Maza: Looks like a rat to me.
  • Matt Bluestone: What?

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