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The Illuminati is a secret society.


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There are thirty-six ranks in the Illuminati, each rank contains the same number of members as the level of rank. For example, there is only one member in the number one rank, two members in the number two rank, and so on until thirty-six members in the number thirty-six rank.[1] Interestingly, this means there are constantly 666 members in the society.

Known Members


  • Rejuvenation drugs are likely reserved for the high ranked members. As David Xanatos (a low ranked member) passes away after a natural lifespan.
  • The lower ranked seemed to work in the public view, as the identities of those from the 20s (according to Greg, who said Malone was in the high 20s) and above tend to be people who are long thought to be dead and need to keep a low profile.


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