Hunters Moon is the three part, second season finale of Gargoyles, and since Greg Weisman considers the third season non-canon, with the exception of The Journey, it is also considered by most fans to be the series finale.



Part One

Elisa is temporarily assigned a new partner and get switched to day shift. She asks the gargoyles to watch over some warehouses the thieves might try to hit next. While doing so, the Manhattan Clan finds itself attacked by the current generation of Hunters; Jason, Robyn, and Jon Canmore.

Part Two

Some of Demona's history is revealed. Goliath now wants vengeance for the attack on his daughter. The Clan members reluctantly ally themselves with Demona against the Hunters, only to have their opponents strike hard at them when they are most vulnerable; at home in the clock tower.

Part Three

After destroying their home, the Hunters publicly expose the Clan. In the meantime, Demona creates a virus that will wipe out humanity while a mystical gargoyle protects her kind from it. However, a fight between the Hunters and the Manhattan Clan breaks out before she proceeds her plan, losing the artifact and giving up her plans. Two of the Hunters see the errors of their ways by seeing how much the Manhattan Clan is trying to save them, but the third does not, vowing to continue vengeance.


  • These are the final canon episodes of Gargoyles.
    • Though the events of The Journey are considered slightly canon.
  • As of the last episode Xanatos allows the Manhattan Clan to return to Castle Wyvern. They are sceptical, but he assures them he has no alterior motive, and that he is done being their enemy.
  • The world is now aware of existence of Gargoyles.
    • However, thanks to the Canmores vendetta, they cause the public to see the gargoyles as evil.
  • Jason's line: "What could put claw marks in solid steel?" is a throwback to Elisa's line in the first part of Awakening: "What could put claw marks in solid stone?"
  • These episodes further reveal the history of the Hunters, first introduced in the City of Stone episodes.
  • The Hunters line effectively ends after this arc:
    • Jason is paralyzed from the waist down, and let's go of his family hatred.
    • Robyn also lets go of her family hatred, and later leads the Redemption Squad. Though she does so under the code name Hunter.
    • Jon, who ironically held little hatred for for the Gargoyles, blames them for his brothers condition, changes his name to Castaway, and founds the Quarrymen, a new group of Gargoyle haters seeking to destroy them.



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