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Her Brother's Keeper is the twelth episode of Gargoyles.



Jackal and Hyena are up to no good again. Xanatos offers Elisa's brother, Derek Maza, a job as a helicopter pilot. Elisa attempts to find out what Xanatos is up to by visiting Fox in prison.


  • Elisa's brother Derek becomes aware of the Gargoyles.
  • Elisa and the Manhattan Clan discover Xanatos's conection to the Pack.
  • Jackal and Hyena return, independent of the rest of the Pack
    • They are revealed to be siblings.
  • The Coyote Diamond is introduced. Though it only apperars in this one episode, it could be considered a foreshadow of Xanatos's creation, Coyote, revealed in the episode Leader of the Pack.
    • The diamond has since appeared in the comics, where in Xanatos incorporates it into Coyotes latest upgrade.
  • Lexington manages to repair, and slightly remodel, Jackal and Hyena's helicopter in a very short amount of time, showing his developing engineering skills. After he promptly crashes it, it is never seen again.



  • In the episode, Brooklyn tells Lexington "use the force", a refrence to Star Wars. He also says "You and what Starfleet?", a refrence to Star Trek, as well as the many actors on the show who played characters from Star Trek.

Memorable Quotes

  • Bystander: Excuse me, weren't you on that TV show, "The Pack?"
  • Hyena: Why, yes.  Would you like an autograph?  How about I write it ACROSS YOUR NECK?

  • Goliath: Tell him the truth.
  • Elisa Maza: The truth! The *whole* truth? Including the part about gargoyles living in New York? That's not my secret to tell.
  • Broadway: It shouldn't have to be. He should trust you.
  • Brooklyn: Trust doesn't mean a whole without honesty.

  • Broadway: [as Lexington takes the helicopter controls] You sure you can fly this?
  • Lexington: Hey, it's just like the simulator game back at the tower.
  • Brooklyn: Famous last words.
  • [pause; they all scream as the helicopter does a loop de loop]
  • Lexington: Maybe not quite the same.

  • Brooklyn: [as the copter is falling] I thought you said you could fly this thing!
  • Lexington: If you think you can do better, now's the time!
  • Broadway: Feel the air currents! Use them! Just like you do when you use your wings!
  • Brooklyn: Yeah, use the force, Lex!
  • Brooklyn: [after they crash-land the copter in a deserted alley and Broadway lands on top of him] Smooth. Real smooth.
  • Lexington: Hey, any landing you can walk away from.
  • Brooklyn: What do we do with it now? Use it for a planter?
  • Lexington: Maybe I can get it running again. Let's hide it for now before the sun rises.

  • Elisa Maza: You have to quit! He's *using* you!
  • Derek Maza: It's my life! Butt out!
  • Goliath: QUIET! Both of you! You don't know how lucky you are to have siblings to fight with! All of my rookery brothers are dead! And there is nothing - NOTHING is more important than family.

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