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Greg Weisman only considers the first two seasons of Gargoyles to be canon. With the exception of "The Journey", he Goliath Chronicles are not considered canon by Weisman.

For the purposes of the Grimorum wiki, we will be including information from The Goliath Chronicles, however, works by or involving Greg Weisman will take precedence canonically. Where there is contradictory information, the Weisman-approved canon will be part of the main article. In these instances, notes from The Goliath Chronicles should be included in indented italics as below:

Thailog was permanently turned to stone by a virus.

Where no contradiction between the Goliath Chronicles and the Weisman-approved canon exists, the Goliath Chronicles information may be part of the main article.

Articles about non-canon subjects should be placed in the Category:Non Canon Articles.

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