In Egypt, the Pack, except Dingo, is working on the Pyramids for the Emir on behalf of Xanatos, while the Avalon travelers arrive via the Nile and spot the robot, Coyote entering an underground chamber. Goliath and the others follow and arrive as the Emir casts a ritual to summon Anubis, the jackal-headed Keeper of the Dead. The Pack prove triumphant as Emir binds Anubis and demands the return of his dead son.

The Pack leaves but a fascinated Jackal returns as Anubis refuses to resurrect the Emir's son. The Emir then uses the Scroll of Thoth to become an Avatar of Anubis. The travelers try to break free and the rest of the Pack arrives to take them out and kill them. They make a break for it and go to stop the Avatar ceremony. Jackal intervenes at a critical moment, shoving the Emir out of the way and becoming the Avatar.

Jackal turns the coyote robot to rust, reverts Wolf and Hyena to children, and ages Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa Maza almost to the point of death. Jackal now ages everything outward in a growing circle of destruction. Goliath then appeals to the Emir and attacks Jackal to distract him while the Emir takes on the power of the Avatar. The Emir restores everything to normal but with his newfound understanding of life and death, realizes no one can have such power and brings down the chamber about him while the travelers escape and the Pack disappears.


  • Coyote reveals a new upgrade: Coyote 3.0
  • Goliath explains that gargoyles age at one-half the rate that humans do.
  • Dingo is not with the rest of the Pack in this episode, further showing his developing dislike for the group established in Upgrade, and foreshadowing his turn in Walkabout.


  • A year and a half or so after this episode came out, Interplay Productions produced the video game Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game featuring the voices of Clancy Brown, Keith David, Tony Jay, Tony Shalhoub, Frank Welker, and Cree Summer. Matt Frewer and Brigitte Bako are the only actors in this episode who don't star in Fallout, which also featured the voices of Gargoyles regulars Jeff Bennett and David Warner.


Memorable Quotes

  • "I'd sure like to know how you got here, but I'm programmed to shoot first and ask questions later." - Coyote
  • "Death is always pointless. That is the point." - Anubis
  • Elisa: "And the Emir? What do you think happened to him?"
  • Goliath: "If there's any justice in this world or the next, he's with his son now, at rest."

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