Coyote is one of the four tricksters who have appeared on the show yet.


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The Coyote is a Kachina, a spirit known by the Hopi and other Native American tribes in the Southwest of the United States.

Through the performance of the Dance of the Coyote Peter Maza got linked to the trickster and a part of him joined Peter as he left his tribe.

But the Coyote felt the necessity to bring Peter back.

The answer to his need came in 1996, when Xanatos discovered the Coyote Carving as means to get various boons from him, such as immortality. Together with Goliath, Angela, Peter and his two daughters Beth and Elisa they defeated Xanatos.


Coyote has many of the standard traits of a trickster; he is clever, triumphs through outwitting his opponents, and likes to make wisecracks. But he is a benevolent figure at heart, who cares about those humans connected to him (such as Peter Maza), and uses his powers to help protect them.

Coyote's human form (at least, the one documented) looks remarkably like a younger edition of Peter Maza (perhaps as the result of their mystical bond). However, he can also take on the form of a whirlwind (and perhaps also that of an actual coyote). He likes to work subtly, often through manipulating occurrences in such a way that they seem to happen through coincidence rather than through magical intervention.

Real World History

Coyote the Trickster is a prominent figure in Native American legend. The Coyote of the actual legends is more of a comical buffoon than his animated counterpart, generally portrayed as coming up with ingenious schemes to benefit himself which somehow wind up backfiring. However, at other times, he is portrayed as a culture-hero, who taught humans how to use fire and brought other useful skills to them. The Coyote of Gargoyles clearly echoes this latter interpretation.

Powers and Abilities

As a fairy, the Coyote possesses magic power and as a trickster, he enjoys playing pranks on his opponents.

The abilities he has shown yet:

  • Teleporting
  • Transforming into a strong whirlwind
  • Shapeshifting
  • Hypnotism
  • Spellcasting


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