Clan Building Chapter Two: The Journey is the second issue of Gargoyles by Slave Labor Graphics.


In Castle Wyvern, Hudson turns on Nightwatch, where Lennox MacDuff and Margot Yale are special guests for a debate about the "gargoyle problem." Bronx and Lexington are playing with Alexander Fox Xanatos while his parents watch on. David Xanatos refuses to take a call from Mr. Duval in order to spend more time with his family.Owen Burnett advises it may be unwise to keep the Illuminati waiting. Angela is in the library with Broadway, helping him practice his reading with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Brooklyn comes, presumably to visit Angela, but turns away sadly when he sees the two embrace.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Goliath is shot by the Quarrymen, and he and Elisa fall to a rooftop, leaving him bleeding, unconscious, and with a broken wing. When he and Elisa regain consciousness, they have to hop from rooftop to rooftop while evading the Quarrymen's helicopter. Unfortunately, at the clock tower, the Quarrymen catch up and stalk their potential victims in the dilapidated building. Goliath and Elisa fight back, taking out all the Quarrymen but John Castaway and Vinnie Grigori.

Fortunately for the duo, Vinnie has a change of heart, and saves the pair from Castaway's hammer. Goliath corners Castaway, but he escapes by jumping from the building, and catching the ladder of the rising Quarrymen helicopter. Vinnie says goodbye to Elisa and Goliath, and says he'll be going to Japan. Elisa wonders if they should tell him there are gargoyles in Japan.



  • There are several differences between this issue and the animated episode:

Memorable Quotes

  • Lennox MacDuff: "Madam, they burned witches like you in the Middle Ages!"
Margot Yale: "Mister, you are living in a fantasy world!"
Travis Marshall: "I'm afraid we're out of time. This has been Nightwatch."

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