Clan Building Chapter Three: Invitation Only is the third issue of Gargoyles by Slave Labor Graphics.


Around dusk, David and Fox Xanatos play with their son, Alexander. Elisa, who had visited Jason Canmore earlier, and promised not to settle for less than what she deserves, waits for the Manhattan Clan to awaken. When they do, the Trio and Angela prepare for the Halloween Masque that night, while Elisa waits to speak with Goliath alone. When they are alone, she breaks up with him, telling him she wants a normal life. She expresses that there is only one person he can see, Delilah.

At the Labyrinth, Goliath and Brooklyn meet with the Clones, and Brooklyn pulls aside Delilah, but is interrupted by Goliath who invites her to the Masque. She accepts, and Brooklyn fumes. Al, meanwhile tells his new friend about the history of the citizens of the Labyrinth.

Throughout the day, Martin Hacker visited Matt Bluestone, who had just introduced the members of the Gargoyle Task Force to one another, David Xanatos, who received an assignment from the Illuminati, and John Castaway who wants to destroy all the gargoyles. Hacker expresses to all three that each of their respective- and conflicting, plans will receive Illuminati support.

Back at the Labyrinth, Thailog breaks into the facility.


  • This issue marks the first canonical story for Gargoyles in a decade.


  • Invitation Only reveals the Illuminati society has a numerical ranking hierarchy.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Send in the Clones!" - Talon
  • "Well this [story] starts with some rich dude, who wanted his own personal gargoyles." - Al

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