The Gate is the tenth issue of Slave Labor Graphics' Gargoyles. This was the last chapter published before the comic was canceled.


This chapter begins Brooklyn's TimeDancing. Broadway and Angela with Brooklyn when he came upon the Phoenix Gate, and once these three young gargoyles were left behind in New York. As Brooklyn reaches down to take it, the Gate disintegrates, and from it rises a monstrous bird made of fire - the Phoenix after which the Gate was named. Brooklyn is carried off to Scotland in the year 997.

Constantine, still the usurping King of Scotland, has made the young Gillecomgain (already filled with hatred for gargoyles after his encounter with Demona three years before) his squire; he also has the aid of the sinister sorcerer, Brother Valmont. Brooklyn, narrowly escaping them when the Phoenix deposits him in front of these three, finds himself in happier company: Mary and Finella, still on the run with the Grimorum Arcanorum, and hunted by Constantine. Brooklyn rescues them from some suspicious townsfolk, and they set off together.

Meanwhile, other human enemies of Constantine are gathering, under the leadership of the future Kenneth III (Bodhe's father), his cousin Maol Chalvim and Findlaech, Macbeth's father-to-be. Aware that they are outnumbered, Kenneth comments that their best hope is to revive the old alliance that their fathers made with gargoyles - but that's no easy task, with Constantine and Gillecomgain slaughtering all the gargoyles that they can find. As for Brooklyn, he realizes to his alarm that the only way of getting back to his own time will be to recover the broken pieces of the Phoenix Gate, and one of those pieces lies with his old enemy Demona.



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