The Rock is the seventh issue of Gargoyles by Slave Labor Graphics.


Main Plot

Macbeth goes to the Eyrie Building to ask the Manhattan Clan for their help in ensuring the Stone of Destiny's safe arrival to Scotland from Westminster Abbey in London, explaining that many desire the stone, including Xanatos. Goliath, still recovering from Thailog's attack, sends some of the others to help Macbeth. Brooklyn, Angela, and Broadway decide to stay behind, while Lexington and Hudson accompany Macbeth to London. The three of them stand vigil at Westminster Abbey on the night the stone is to be moved from the Lantern. Nothing happens for a long while, when Macbeth notices a mysterious shadow. He investigates only to be caught unawares by King Arthur, while the gargoyles are suddenly joined by some new arrivals from the London Clan.

Sub Plots

Xanatos proves that he is indeed up to something, while he explains to Coldsteel about the Coyote Diamond, which he's using as a component for his robot, Coyote 5.0. He promises Coldsteel that he will disable his built in tracking device if he agrees to do Xanatos a favor. Later the same day, Xanatos prepares to leave for England while Owen spies on Macbeth and the gargoyles. He tells Xanatos of their plan, to which Xanatos responds that he's planned for this contingency.

Fox is interested in a pair of shoes in a London shop.

Shari begins telling Thailog the history of the Stone of Destiny during different time intervals on different days. She starts off with Jacob's vision while laying his head upon the stone at Bethel. Next, she tells the story of Gathelus and Scota, who brought the stone with them out of Egypt at the request of Moses. They travelled the world before finally settling down in Portugal. Later, after the deaths of Gathelus, Scota, and six of their sons, the oldest son, Eremon, was crowned King upon the stone at Tara in Ireland.

Elisa brings Dr. Sato to the Labyrinth to check on Maggie, who is revealed to be pregnant.

Brooklyn is still upset about Broadway and Angela. Goliath notices and tells him he can stay in Manhattan. Broadway and Angela decide to stay to help Brooklyn, much to his chagrin.

Shari tells Thailog the story of the love triangle between Coldstone, Coldfire, and Coldsteel.

Goliath and Elisa talk about what happened on Halloween. Elisa indicates that she wants to pursue a relationship with Goliath, and they kiss.


  • This story is told in a non-linear fashion.


  • The cover reads "Stone at Night", which is an allusion to what Demona says upon discovering her surviving clan-mates after the Wyvern Massacre.

Memorable Quotes

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