Bash is the fifth issue of the Slave Labor Graphics' comic series, Gargoyles.


The Halloween Masque continues at Castle Wyvern, while Jeffrey Robbins confronts Hudson about his true nature. Hudson reveals he is a gargoyle, and he and Robbins shake hands before Hudson departs for home.

At the Masque, Angela, who is still upset with Elisa for bringing Morgan to the party, takes Broadway and Lexington to find her father. The three enter the courtyard, where they discover Thailog has stabbed Goliath in the stomach. Enraged, Broadway and Angela attack the trespassing gargoyles, while Lexington tends to Goliath. Using his contraption, Thailog cuts Broadway and Angela, and he sics the Clones on the Angela, Broadway, and Lexington. While Lexington is distracted by Malibu, Thailog cuts him with the contraption.

Brooklyn, in search of Angela or Delilah, accompanies Elisa in her search for the other members of the clan. The two arrive to find the clan in the midst of battle. Brooklyn attacks Thailog, while Elisa tends to Goliath. Thailog holds back Brooklyn, and slashes Elisa with his contraption. Brooklyn again engages him in battle, but is also cut by the device. Brendan Quarters is passing in a hall that overlooks the courtyard, and sees Goliath bleeding profusely.

Hudson and Bronx arrive from Robbins', and defend their wounded leader. Thailog manages to cut the gargoyle beast and the gargoyle. Finally, Delilah arrives and calls an end to the battle. Thailog proposes she join him, but she accuses him and Goliath of each using her for their own purposes. She elects to stay in the Labyrinth. Malibu decides to stay with Delilah, while Hollywood wants the fighting to end. Burbank agrees that the Labyrinth is good. Brentwood, however, decides to leave with Thailog, saying that Thailog is smart.

During the battle, David Xanatos, who is at the White House, receives his first mission from Quincy Hemings, representing the Illuminati.

At Nightstone Unlimited, Thailog delivers his carpal blade to Dr. Anton Sevarius, who claims there is enough "raw material" in the canisters with which to have great fun. Shari appears in the door frame, asking to fill a position as Thailog's personal assistant. Thailog nearly attacks the girl until he notices an Illuminati symbol on a pendant on one of her necklaces. Thailog dismisses Sevarius and Brentwood, and Shari reveals she ranks well above him in the Illuminati.


  • Bash is the conclusion to the first new canonical story since The Journey.


  • Quincy Hemings reveals that the Illuminati society is divided into ranks, wherein each numbered rank is composed of the number of members equal to the rank number. Meaning, there is one 1, two 2s, all the way down to thirty-six 36s.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Have no fear! Super-goyle is here!" - Brooklyn

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