Clan-Building: Rock & Roll is the eighth issue of Slave Labor Graphics' comic Gargoyles.


Main Plot

The story continues from the last issue, "The Rock". In London, Macbeth and King Arthur realize that they share the same mission of protecting the Stone Of Destiny. Hudson and Lexington meet up with Griff, Staghart, and Constance of the London Clan, who bring the two Manhattan Clan members to their clan's home at Knight's Spur, while Arthur and Macbeth stand vigil through the day. They all go out later that night to stand watch at the Abbey, and are attacked by Coyote 5.0, Coldsteel, and a Steel Clan and Iron Clan robot. Macbeth and Arthur watch the scene from the ground when Arthur mysteriously disappears. The two gargoyle robots are disposed of, but Coyote takes out Lexington, who is saved by Staghart, and Coldsteel nearly dismembers Hudson when Coldstone and Coldfire show up.

Sub Plots

Vinnie is boarding his flight for Japan.

A man calls for a bomb unit on a bridge.

Shari continues telling Thailog about the Stone of Destiny, while the two play chess. Shari's stories contradict each other as she begins the tale with Moses taking the stone along with him during the Exodus, and bringing forth water from it for his thirsty followers. The stone is passed down through the centuries until King Eochaid of Ireland accepted it as dowry when he married Princess Tamar Tea Tephi, and brought it to Tara. The stone was later cut in half by Cu Chullain, angry that it didn't confirm his friend Lugaid Red-Stripe as King. Prince Fergus of Ireland brought a stone half to Scotland, where Merlin and King Pelles contact him at Castle Carbonek, borrowing the stone so that Arthur could pull Excalibur from it. Saint Columba died upon the stone on Iona, and Kenneth mac Alpin|enneth mac Alpin was crowned King upon the stone at Scone, as were all the Kings of Scotland thereafter.

Arthur and Macbeth trade stories about their pasts over Nightstone's Coffee. They make a toast to immortals.

Arthur explains that he and Griff have searched fruitlessly for Merlin, so they returned to London where Arthur has been researching his own exploits.

Lexington talks to Staghart and Constance about the London Clan, which is revealed to have 196 members, 25 eggs, but no gargoyle beasts. Mated pairs in the clan are only allowed two eggs a lifetime to keep the population under control.


  • Rock & Roll is the last issue to be published individually by Slave Labor Graphics.The story continues in the collected volume additions.


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